A Day without a Woman...

March 8, 2017


Ask yourself where would you be without a woman? What would you be without a woman?

Women work at many careers; they labor in many fields; literally picking vegetables, running farms, cleaning houses, accounting, homemakers...some write, take photos, take care of others. Some don't. 

Many are still repressed. Kept in their places as if our times still dictated that. It doesn't, thankfully. 


A woman gives birth, raises us. 

A day without a woman is not possible. 


We, the Mothers of the many, often meddle in the affairs of others. We oversee and sometimes over extend. 

Sometimes, we cannot handle "it" -this mothering, and walk away. Some give up, some give their offspring up. Sometimes, we're taken away with and for good reason. 

Bottom line is when you look at it all; without a woman we are not possible. 


I often joke about a couch pillow I once saw in the home of two men (we) were working for:

" If it's not one thing, its your Mother"  I've known all too many meddlers in my lifetime thus far. 

My own Mother wasn't really a meddler. She was a comforter, a warm lap that children would climb to; a kind person who listened with reason and was a sage in her own right on behalf of others. 

She was also a nightmare whose dark days I liken to the inside of a tornado. She was strength to many, yet 

she wasn't strong enough to meet me head on as I grew.  I was her archetype. I was her past, her future and her in the now. She was strength personified for many yet her own self weakness was her adversary.  


I'm stubborn, and fought against -and still do- anyone that tries to corral me. I fought her tooth, and nail.


I love horses, but don't ever fence this filly in. Turns out I'm a Mini Mom, only stronger. I broke free when she was unable to. I broke when she left, but I healed overall in my studies of me, us, and our Universe over the many years since. 


Too often we live without acknowledging the woman, the women who raised us- until they're gone. 

Don't wait to raise your glass to your Mother no matter who she is. Without her, you'd not be.


Make this day one to honor the woman; your Mother, and our Mother: Earth.

One cannot survive without the other. 

A Day Without a Woman is not possible. Remember.

Here's to you, Peb, 






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