Lessons of Hurricanes

September 21, 2017

When I was a child, my father's sailboat did a "perfect flip" in the harbor in fromt of our home. When recalling this feat, many many people have told me in no uncertain terms that a "perfect flip" by a sailboat is impossible. It is not. I've witnessed it.

As we looked out to the harbor after the significant storm, the boat was there. Still moored, but completely upside down in the harbor, mast driven in to the muck below the tidal flat. 

It took many men, a lot of ingenuity, hard work, and desire to right her. Once righted, she sailed long after the storm. I also once watched as my next door neighbor's Caddillac went out to sea in another hurricane. 

The storms of yesteryear are ingrained in my childhood memories, todays aftermath are almost impossible to witness as an adult. 


Earlier today I biked around my community on the South Shore of Massachusetts, and marveled at Mother Nature once again. We've been spared so far this season, though Jose is still churning offshore-there may be some flooding buts its minimal compared to what Maria just did to Puerto Rico, Dominica, and what Harvey did to Houston and Barbuda.

Many people think only of the Hurrican Season when they're impacted; the remainder of the time they carry on with daily lives never considering the havoc hurricanes wreak unless its bearing down upon them.

Thats not to say I am being critical, it just is what it is.


 I'd prefer more awareness, long before the moment of evacuation with action on the ground in the immediate aftermath, volunteers and donations to the providers already there. 

2017 has been a devastating year for weather just in the last two weeks alone. 

I doubt we've seen the last of any such storms be it wind, rain or snow.

Blizzard Season is right around the corner.

Amazingly followed by spring, flowers and new blooms. 

The calm always follows the storm or gives brief pause during the eye of the hurricane. 

Start learning the weather- get off your iPhone and all its wondrous apps. Go out and learn what you can do in any emergency. How you can help your neighbors in any dis-aster. Be prepared. 

Eye promise it will pay off. 







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