The Precursor

December 14, 2018

A long long time ago I was a precursor to the elements of today; but WE did it in fun- we pulled fire alarms at school for early dismissal, and did a plethora of other harmless pranks to keep us entertained and the administration on their toes. We swapped license plates on similar cars ( mostly VW Beetles) even going do far as to literally pick them up and move them while the teachers were in the building; and sat and watched them try and figure out WHY their car wouldn't open when they left for the day.


Then just a couple of days later, we'd do it all over again except we didn't move a thing -other than the plates. They'd walk to their respective cars, and still were unable to open them. Thats because as we discovered, they didn't remember exactly where they parked. They then would set off looking for the license plate that belonged to them. 

Doing all this ridiculous stuff provided us with lots of grins and giggles. 


They'd ask us all ( in a general manner ) to PLEASE stop- and of course we kept right on going!

As those who are older often say: "those were the days"...and they were.

Like I said earlier, it was done in fun, and with no malice intended.


Todays world however is a different story. We're receiving bomb threats, shooting people in prayer groups, nightclubs. 

Everyone is angry about something.

Everyone is mad about losing a parking space to someone else, in a road rage hurry over something said at work, or some politically motivated anger that is pulsating madly just below the surface.

We're talking too much (verbal diarrhea)  sharing way too much personal and unnecessary information; be it about one's self or another.

We're not paying attention to anything -at home or work-except for the media and the "social media" thats literally wreaking havoc in our daily lives. many are watching Fox News and expecting to win some sort of I told you so lottery with every misaligned story.


You're addicted to it.

Can't get enough, sharing stupid stories viewed as if many of us that don't have a TV or rarely watch one, could care. 

You're on Facebook and Instagram when at work, neglecting something. You're texting, sending funny memes. 

We're all a fucking nightmare right now.

We're beyond a tidy bowl, we're leaking from every orifice.

We're a mess. 

I Currently work in retail and I have to say many customers are getting worse by the minute.

Your expectations far surpass what the reality is.


You can't find anything thats right in the aisle in front of you, you've no idea of how to be polite and WAIT your turn and you think that WE basically ruined YOUR lives because YOU didn't pay attention to the holiday terms for ordering. You call on the day OF and expect US to DROP everything and everyone else's orders just to complete YOURS.

You don't like to be told NO, in person or over the phone. You won't listen when we say that word. You whine, stamp your inner child baby foot and raise your voice. You'll make as many calls up the chain as it takes to get your way. Some make it all the way up, most do not. Some make threats and get escorted:



I walked an elderly woman today who asked me for help to the aisle she needed to be in.

Right off she began telling me how EXPENSIVE "my" store was.

I mentioned that I didn't own it, and don't set the prices. 

I then told her to take a right at the end of the display and she went left, I gently pulled on her sleeve and said No, this way... she then told me how she didn't want cookies in a BOX she wanted a TIN. For the third time. 


I told her I'm not taking you to a BOX, I'm directing you to the TINS. Once she arrived, and looked at the price she told me she could get it for a dollar less at Stop and Shop. Good for you! I said; and I wished her a pleasant Happy Holidays as I walked away. I had no intention of buying into her depression era poorness, or her decision to save every penny as though doing so would increase her longevity.


Many like her on a fixed income, and fixed mindset, they set their thermostats to "freeze" and kibbitz about every ailment thats basically caused by getting older with thinning blood -without keeping up with life, and further offset living in the cold. Often alone with no family around, for comfort of any kind. 

Often they either alienated the neighbors or we're living in fear of whats to come with the changes they see. 


We're a mess!! 

Whats still to come isn't pretty, even though we're in the midst of something pretty ugly right now. 


At this time in my life, I still am a precursor.

I'm ahead of the medical industry by taking my health to alternative healers away from conventional medicine practitioners.

I've begun a new practice and style of Chi Gong. 

I''m practicing passiveness daily without the aggression that often accompanies the people I see around me. 

At work, I center myself as best I can. And I hold the space of where I AM and try to keep my home and family in that circle. I chant, sing when I can, and I pray. 

I don't prey on others.

I practice kindness.

I am not envious, nor jealous of what you have.

I have enough. 

I told someone just recently that I've more than paid my dues in all the experiences I've gone thru. 

That 2019 is MY year and I intend to keep that promise to ME. 

I intend to be a light, a lighthouse for others. 

What are YOU going to do this new year to make it just a little bit better for ALL of us?? 

Will you lead, or follow the crowd? Will you stand out or just blend in? 

Will you add color to your life?  

Or will you keep the darkness close and envelop others in it? 

Life gives us many choices. Choose wisely. Choose as if your life depends on it. 

Becasue it does. 








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