Sow Love

February 21, 2019

I've been on vacation, returning yesterday. Had I won the Georgia Lottery I'd have made it a staycation; for I'd rather be warm (even in the rain) than snow. And its snowed before since and will after I returned.

I walked the shoreline today on the street because the super moon tide was way to high to get on the beach in my attempt. I love the ocean dearly, and use her to inspre me when I'm feeling low, or just a quick reminder to what is in my life to get back on track. Or as I did today, just to view her to say thank you for everything I have. I practice gratefulness alongside her. 

My whole trip was about love; from the moment I stepped out of my home, to the moment I got back.  I met so many good people and listened to their messages. The loudest deepest spirital one was as I sat and watched Tyler Perry and his crew on their Farewell Madea tour while I was in South Carolina. "Madea" lectured her famibly on love, and they sang it deeply and proudly on the stage. What gifts!! 

We laughed together, we screamed together and I'm hopeful we all got the message, together. 


I met a Uber driver originally from Croatia once back in Boston yesterday. He echoed the message to me loud and clear.

The Government is never going to take care of us -we need to take care of each other. Help a lost person, or simply give a minute of your time to someone who may be struggling. Just be kind. Give your heart to someone who is down low. Cheer them when they are high!  He went on further to tell me we don't have much time here, maybe a she said in his accent, a blink. You know this? This blink? I do. 


We're in troubled times theses days and the more people I meet, the more I hear they have no idea of what to do. I know the answer: Sow Love. Just be love to someoene else. Don't make no excuse, don't be some uppity I've got more than you person. Just give your attention. Focus. On the Love. Practice love. And keep practicing. and... just listen. Listen with your heart, and be the Love. Ghandi and ML King asked us to be the change.

Well, folks, the change they asked of us is love. Love itself never changes. Just be it. Hold a hand, send a silent prayer to one you see struggling but cannot reach out to. Be real, reach out and remember that which you sow will return to you three fold. It don't get no better than that. Eye promise. 

 And this is Hope. I named her that while my daughter realized she was nesting on the windowsill. There was a horrific thunderstorm outside and she was as steady as the rain. Nature loves us daily. May we all learn to reurn the favor. Be LOVE. SOW LOVE. Start now. 

#TylerPerry #Madea #LOVE #Vacation #Nature #SOWLOVE 


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